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At Worth Financial Advisory Group, LLC, we consider ourselves your team. Our Coach NetWorth platform specifically caters to the complete financial needs of college head and assistant coaches nationwide by providing sophisticated planning and investment strategies that include structuring deferred compensation packages, income tax planning, charitable/ philanthropic activities, family wealth and legacy planning, and structuring and to help ensure that you are prepared to take advantage of successful business investment opportunities. We believe that our wealth management services are second to none, as every individual plan is tailor made with you and for your specific needs. You can rest assured that we understand the challenges of your demanding world, so we work to ensure that your legacy will last longer than your position.


Your team


A Team that understands your needs

Glen E. Wright - Certified Financial Planner, RFC, AIF

Glen E. Wright, II - CFP ®, AIF ®

“Player-Coach” - Biography

Gregory Goodlett - Senior Wealth Advisor

Gregory Goodlett

“Money” - Biography

Sherise M. Jones - Certified Public Accountant

Sherise M. Jones - CPA

“Stats” - Biography

Sy Pugh, CLF® - Operations Manager

Sy Pugh, CLF®

“The Post” - Biography

Nicolas Deboeuf, CFP® - Paraplanner

Nicolas Deboeuf, CFP®

“6th Man” - Biography

Jessica Cale - Client Services Advisor

Jessica Cale

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