"All really successful coaches have a system."
Jim Valvano


Our Coach NetWorth platform focuses exclusively on the needs of the college coach and our specialties include helping coaches save on taxes, develop a desirable investment portfolio, and helping you prepare for a prosperous retirement. Unfortunately, many coaches lose hundreds of thousands of dollars during the course of their careers because they lack the financial guidance from the appropriate fiduciaries, necessary to execute successful tax and business planning strategies. As a fee-based registered investment advisory firm, our wealth managers, along with our certified public accountant (CPA) work collaboratively to help you with:

  1. Maximizing your total income and cost reduction strategies
  2. Planning, preparing, & processing your tax returns
  3. Risk management strategies
  4. Asset allocation
  5. Executing proper legacy planning and tax saving strategies
  6. Establishing a plan to reduce and/or eliminate your personal debt
  7. Establishing asset protection strategies
  8. Maximizing tax-deductible retirement savings
  9. Funding your children's educational expenses on a tax advantage basis
  10. Cash flow management strategies
  11. Bookkeeping services

Three challenges faced by coaches

We know that you are faced with the pressure to perform well or face termination. We know that you will lose sleep because of your travel schedule. We understand that your job is never done and there’s no such thing as an offseason. That’s the nature of the game, right? Our goal is to never have you worry about the performance of your financial plan. We never want you to lose sleep because of your financial circumstances. And like your job as coach, our goal is to make sure your returns should never have an “offseason”. CoachNetWorth was designed with you in mind. Let us help you face these challenges with the confidence that regardless of everything else, your financial plan is winning!

Challenge Job Security
Challenge Schedule

Our Process

1. Initial Meeting- recruiting visit

Similar to that very first recruiting visit, the initial meeting is a chance for us to get acquainted. You can ask any questions you have about our services, financial planning process and investment philosophy. It also allows us to assess your needs and expectations and how we can be of service.

2. Goal Setting- planning and practice

Every season you plan and practice to achieve your team’s goals. We take a unique approach to goal setting that we believe sets us apart from all other advisors. We understand how our coach’s pasts often influence their ambitions for the future. We go backwards in time to understand how your relationships with money have grown and evolved, and we help you create goals to prepare for your future.

3. Financial Plan Development- game strategy

The financial plan is in essence a game strategy for your financial life. The plan details out where you are, where you want to go, the means to get there, and any risks or constraints that may stand in your way.

4. Implementation- Game Time!

Your team- consisting of you and our firm, will work as needed with your accountant, attorney and other professionals to implement recommendations and/ or necessary changes to ensure that we carry out the plan that is designed to be best for you.

5. Annual Review- preparation for next season

At least annually, as a team we will review your investment performance, follow up on any action items from the financial plan recommendations, and see if you have any changes in your circumstances, all in preparation for another successful season.

Basketball Strategy