Nicolas Deboeuf - Paraplanner

"Luck is like a 50/50 type of contract. If you go with it, you should feel comfortable with the idea of either winning everything or losing everything. The problem with many investors is not that some rely solely on luck, but rather that many of them forget to sign the downside part of the contract. Invest smart, know where the risk is at"

Nicolas Deboeuf


Nicolas is taking his initial steps into the financial world by assisting the Worth Financial advisors with building efficient financial plans for clients and developing informational supports to help clients understand the proposed financial plans. Alongside his financial duties, Nicolas is responsible for creating original print and digital communication materials such as websites, newsletters and brochures, and other marketing material highlighting the services offered by Worth Financial Advisory Group.

With a sincere passion for corporate communications, Nicolas first obtained a Bachelor of Science in integrated Marketing and Communications. His entrepreneurial mind then pushed him to pursue a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Winthrop University, while also working as the International student assistant advisor. He joined the Worth Financial team in May 2014 and is now aspiring to become a CFP.

Originally from Lille, a city in the north of France, at the age of 18, Nicolas gave himself the opportunity to accomplish one of his long time dreams- coming to the United States, by attending the Disney College Program in Orlando, FL. Proud to be apart of the American culture, his long-term goal is now to continue his career in the U.S., a country that makes him feel at home.